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Writing To Get Their Attention – Five Suggestions

Do you wonder whether your audience actually reads what you write? How often do you glance at an article title or first sentence and just skip reading it? Or read something very quickly just to get to the bottom line? We have become a scanning society. With the abundance of information in hard copy as [...]

Perfectionism – Not So Perfect

If you find yourself being super critical of yourself, you are probably a perfectionist.You may even be proud of the fact that you are a perfectionist. Is perfectionism a good thing? Let’s take a look at some of the imperfect parts of perfectionism. Being a perfectionist is one of the biggest causes of procrastination. If [...]

Ak Mak Mozzarella Snack

Ak Mak crackers (whole wheat with sesame seeds)mozzarella sticksany seasoning powder: Old Bay Seasoning is good. Cut a mozzarella stick in half and put half on eachcracker section. Sprinkle with the seasoning.Microwave for 20 seconds or until cheese is melted.Yummy little healthy snack!

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

4 eggs1-1/4 cup cottage cheese2/3 cup flour1/2 cup nonfat milk1/2 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon baking powder Beat eggs; add cottage cheese; mix well (by hand) .Add baking powder, salt, milk and then flour.Cook on hot, greased griddle. I really don’t care for cottage cheese, but these are delicious!!

Fathers’ Day!

Fathers’ Day! What a wonderful day for you to recognize your father and any special fathers in your life! Make it a special day for these men who often don’t take time for themselves. Celebrating Fathers’ Day in my life now means acknowledging family members who are fathers and cherishing fond memories of my own [...]

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