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Healthier PB and J

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can actually be a healthy meal choice.Ingredients:whole grain breadpeanut butter made from JUST peanuts….no added ingredientssliced strawberriesraisins Spread peanut butter on the bread and add raisins and/or sliced strawberries.Instead of lots of extra sugary jelly or peanut butter, you now have all natural ingredients.This was taste-tested by two-year-old Thomas today [...]

Anatomy Of A Thank You Letter

Have you ever given someone a great gift and never received acknowledgement that the person had even received it? What a missed opportunity for that recipient to have given you the joy of knowing that the gift was being enjoyed! In both your personal and business life, it is critical to take the time to [...]

Successful Storytelling In Seven Simple Steps

What stories have you heard that you’ve remembered for years and repeat to others? My guess is that there are probably many in your memory bank! All throughout history people have told and retold stories. Stories are what we usually remember from a talk we’ve heard. There is no more meaningful and memorable way to [...]

Who Is Suzanne Holman?

Suzanne E. Holman, MAEd, Exuberant Productivity Expert and Coach, works with professional service providers including financial planners and advisors, realtors, and self-employed professionals who are determined to create a healthy bottom line plus quality time for other aspects of their life. Suzanne comes from a background of small business and education, teaching psychology and technology. [...]

What’s Great About Groups?

What benefits are there to being part of a coaching group on a conferencing bridge? Collective wisdom of the group Rapid access to multiple perspectives Affordability Resource sharing Accelerated motivation Efficient use of time A group can often generate more and better ideas faster than one or two people working alone.Members in coaching groups are [...]

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