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Life Challenges Can Create Havoc With Your Business: Accessing And Protecting Data During A Crisis

How prepared are you for a crisis? Unexpected life challenges occur in many categories: Fires Floods Earthquakes Burglary Accidents Illness Technology Failure With the recent California fires and previous disasters throughout the world, it reminds me of just how vulnerable we are to environmental crises . These emergency circumstances not only affect our personal safety [...]

Maintaining Professional Credibility While Balancing Family Responsibilities

“How in the world can I keep all these ever-increasing plates in the air?”Have you ever asked yourself that question? Running a business efficiently and giving your clients excellent service can be very demanding. Letting one of the plates fall can tarnish your reputation and it is difficult to restore your credibility. Women in any [...]

Unexpected Life Challenges? Productive Virtual Operation Of Your Business

Have you thought about what you would do if you had unexpected life challenges that pulled you away from your office? Thinking about this ahead of time and developing a contingency plan can prevent the panic of needing to take quick action to relocate. Possible problems: * Aging parents needing your support* A medical condition [...]

Teleforum: Are Unexpected Life Challenges Choking the Life Out Of Your Business?

Has your business progress been derailed by unexpected life challenges needing your attention? Are you the “go-to” person not only in your business but also in your family? Where do you go when YOU need some support? Suzanne Holman has designed a program to meet the specialized needs of boomer women in the financial services [...]

My Blog In The News Again! – Updated GTD/Productivity Links List

I was totally blown away when I saw my blog listed so close to David Allen, the guru of all productivity!! Here’s the post: 04th Oct 2007 Organize IT Advice On Organized and Productive Living Through Lifehacks and GTD It’s been a while since I updated my list of GTD & productivity sites/blogs so today [...]

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