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YOUR Million Dollar Life … listen live and in your jammies!

YOUR Million Dollar Life… it’s not JUST about the money! FR.EE Admission just for you!Value of this course: $97 In just three powerful teleseminars, you can be well on your way to Your Million Dollar Life! 3 part teleseminar 60 minutes ~ July 16, 2008 at 8 pm EST ~ July 23, 2008 at 8 [...]

I doubt that my Nana ever heard of Feng Shui …

Frustrated with something that was said? Impatient for something to happen? Just a little blue? No matter what the concern, Nana always said cleaning a dresser drawer made everything all right again for her! I doubt that Nana (my mother’s mother) ever read books about Feng Shui or organizing, but she certainly understood all the [...]

Are you carrying around shackles?

Chris Kennedy, one of our ministers at Unity of Phoenix, gave an inspiring talk today on Freedom.With all our freedoms including our freedom of speech and freedom of religion, we often do not speak our truth. Seems safer… and easier … to say what is acceptable and “in the box”… So we carry around shackles [...]

Independence Day had a new meaning for me this year!

Probably the true highlight of yesterday was a conversation with my new business assistant! I’ve really been working to get more and more of my business delegated so that I am not at all bogged down by tasks that I do not find enjoyable. Funny how the less favored tasks don’t seem to get completed [...]

What conversation did you miss today?

I love how unexpected joy and connection pops up on a regular basis as I go through my Million Dollar Life! A simple trip to Home Depot to return a glass light globe turned into a moment of delight. I was heading home after visiting with my Mom. Check out my previous post about that [...]

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