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Are you game to stay sane when your parent has Alzheimer’s?

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Alzheimer’s in the Family free Monthly Calls Launch June 8th

June 8, 2009 is the official launch of the Alzheimer’s in the Family free monthly calls. There’s probably no better support for a woman who has a parent with Alzheimer’s than to connect with others in the same situation. No one else can really understand just how difficult it can be to see a parent [...]

Interview: Staying Sane, Healthy, and Professional

Thursday I was interviewed by Viki Kind on her BlogTalk Radio Show. Viki is a personal healthcare strategist and a medical ethicist. She has lectured across America teaching healthcare professionals to have integrity, compassion and to improve end-of-life care. She created a nationally distributed program, “Improving the Geriatric Patient’s Medical Experience” video. In our interview [...]

Preventing Memory Loss With Antioxidant Fruits and Vegetables

I receive a weekly newsletter, Brain In The News from Dr. Daniel G. Amen, This information was particularly interesting so I thought I would include some of it here for you. Quoting from the newsletter: Here are some tips to help you stay vital into your senior years. Preventing Alzheimer’s disease and other causes [...]

Take It Easy – The Eagles Said It All in 1972

So many emotions come flooding in when your parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease… A lot of the intensity comes from our wanting it to be different… make it go away…. make it right for our parent…. In a recent talk at Unity of Phoenix, Richard Maraj shared thoughts about the Eagles song from 1972 [...]

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