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Lovin’ becoming a blogging maniac!

For nearly 12 weeks now I’ve been in a program with Bea Fields called  “Become a Blogging Maniac”.  I moved my blog over from Blogger and am now using WordPress for a combined Blog and Website. You’ve probably been hearing how powerful a blog can be in getting your message out to a far reaching [...]

Father’s Day Heartache: “Do you know him?”

I knew it would probably happen. Somehow I didn’t think it would really happen with MY Mom though. And it was Father’s Day… Mom has had Alzheimer’s Disease for over 3 years and has lived in the Alzheimer’s Care Center in Royal Oaks Life Care Community since July of 2006. Mom still gets around with [...]

Want secrets for a lucid old age?

A guest post by Alvah Parker, Career Transition Coach and Practice Advisor for Attorneys A recent NY Times article focuses on a group of women in their 90s that play bridge with each other regularly. Researchers believe there are a couple of components to longevity – social interaction and using the mind. The game of [...]

The Super Memory Club

The Times’s Benedict Carey sits in on the weekly bridge game at Laguna Woods and discusses the longest and largest ongoing study of people 90 and over and the potential benefits of mental exercise. Check out the video from the New York Times here:

Can Only Early Alzheimer’s Be Treated Successfully?

What research is now showing us has caused scientists to change their approach to Alzheimer’s disease. Early detection is of huge importance in making a difference to the Alzheimer’s patient. By the time a person shows the classic Alzheimer’s symptoms and can be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, nerve cells in the memory processing areas, the entorhinal [...]

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