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Simple Strategies For Times of Family Challenge

What I have to share with you are the strategies I developed at each stage of my life that enabled me to move forward and make a difference in the world. You may already know that  my mom is in an Alzheimer’s Care Center.  She was diagnosed over three years ago and has been on [...]

Finding Peace of Mind With a Mother’s Waning Abilities

This is one thing one woman and her sisters have done to find some peace of mind in dealing with their mother’s waning abilities. During one of our monthly gathering calls for women who have a parent with Alzheimer’s I connected with  Alexandra Van Horn, who told us about the book she and her sisters [...]

Baby Boomer Defined

Baby boomers are defined as people born 1946-1964. After American soldiers returned home from World War II in1946, the United States experienced an explosion of births (hence the name baby boom) that continued for the next 18 years, when the birth rate began to drop. In 1964, baby boomers represented 40% of the population, which [...]

Reasons to Hire a Baby Boomer

1.    Boomers’ eyesight may be changing, but they still know how to read a clock, so they show up and on time. 2.    Boomers are unlikely to take the week off because someone broke their heart. 3.    Most Boomers don’t think of ear-buds as required jewelry. 4.    Boomers know how to spell customer service – [...]

Someone you love still smoking?

Is there a smoker you care about and would love to support in kicking the habit? Would you love the opportunity for a week on a houseboat in San Francisco? This is a great opportunity for an amazing free class AND hundreds of dollars in bonuses both for you and the smoker who attends the [...]

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