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Yahoo! Healing With the Masters starts today…

Marianne Williamson Gregg Braden Neale Donald Walsch Stuart Wilde Marci Shimoff These are just a few of the well known, sought-after speakers that you’ll be able to experience  from the comfort of your home and without spending a dime! You can check out details here if you’re in a hurry… or read on to learn [...]

For Your Self Esteem – Dr. Joe Rubino

As you know, I love sharing opportunities for learning and support! I am writing to invite you to an extraordinary teleseminar series, “Profound Paths to Health, Healing and Happiness.” We are in the 2nd week of the “Profound Paths to Health, Healing and Happiness” Fall 2009 teleseminar series, and an empowering conversation with Dr. Joe [...]

Strength Training Isn’t Just For Bodybuilders

The old idea that strength training is for body builders and women shouldn’t do it if they don’t want to get bigger is a huge myth! Strength training is extremely important as part of any workout.  It pays off in great emotional as well as physical benefits. If you want to maintain your bone and [...]

Hiking for R and R: Mt Baker, WA

I’m just back to Phoenix after an amazing 6 weeks in Bellingham, WA… weather, busy life with little children, and constant beauty! This hike with three of my grandsons was a fun day….. landscape looks fake, doesn’t it? We didn’t get to do any sled riding in the snow as we have at times in [...]

Brain Food Popeye Smoothie

Green Smoothie Ingredients: Spinach, 2 or more cups Water, about 1  cup water Ginger, about a square inch of fresh, peeled Ground flax seed, 2 Tablespoons (whole seeds do not allow absorption of nutrients) L-Glutamine Amino Acid powder,  1 Tablespoon Green Defense, super green foods powder, 1 scoop Blueberres or 1/2 scoop of BerrySplash, mixed [...]

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