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Brain-Challenging Physical Exercise Is the BEST

Along with the mental exercise, be sure to give your cardiovascular system a good workout as often as possible. Anything that benefits your heart and lungs is a huge support for your brain.  Our brains get their nourishment from  the flow of nutrients and oxygen through our circulatory system.  When we exercise more, the flow [...]

Entertain the Brain To Keep It Interested In Life

Even with “normal” aging our short term memory can weaken. Whether you are experiencing normal aging memory reduction or you are having symptoms of Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, finding ways to amuse your brain can be advantageous for its vitality. Our brains love variety and novelty and respond well to stimulation such [...]

Memory Loss As We Age – Is It Normal?

Alzheimer’s Disease is in the news everywhere.
Boomers who value their brain power are getting a bit nervous about changes they are seeing in
their own brains.

April Alzheimer’s Call Monday at 8:30 pm Eastern time

How many times have you felt like no one could really understand what you are going through trying to do what you can for your parent with Alzheimer’s? Have you felt like there is just no way to keep up with your professional responsibilities AND meet the needs of family? I know when my Mom [...]

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