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What’s New with Alzheimer’s in the Family?

Our June monthly free telephone support call is June 14, 2010. This is actually Flag Day in the United States! Our call is at 8:30 pm Eastern time. Fun to be interviewed today by Life Coach Karin Lingerfelt about what is going on with Alzheimer’s in the Family!

Taking Life One Step at a Time!

Shaiming my Shih Tzu rescue did really well with his first grooming! We’re taking life one step at a time since adoption 21 days ago. This was quite a stretch for me to adopt Shaiming…. I had adopted two large dogs in 1997 and they had both died by 2003. I would have loved to [...]

Pets can be amazing therapy!

Pets can be amazing therapy for all of us, whether we are in a care center or just living the ups and downs of life. Today was my rescue Shih Tzu’s first grooming appointment. He had a history of neglect and who knows what else. He likes to hide in safe little corners. We’ve been [...]

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