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Dementia Beyond Drugs-Interview on The Ageless Woman Show

Recent evidence shows that medications used for people with dementia are responsible for a number of serious side effects–even increased mortality–yet their use continues to rise in all living environments. As part of The Ageless Woman Teleseminar Program held weekly at no charge, I will be interviewing Dr. Allen Power, author of Dementia Beyond Drugs: [...]

Clutter or Precious Memories? Interview with Cynthia Alexander

Cynthia Alexander, the Declutter Queen was my special guest this week on The Ageless Woman Teleseminar Program! One Saturday, several years ago, Cynthia Alexander had a declutter encounter of the first kind. Her daughter arrived at her door with boxes and plastic tubs in hand. That was the first time she was aware that all [...]

Stop Counting the Gray and Start Counting the Green!

Leader and Strategic Thinker Shelly Lisoskie is my guest on The Ageless Woman Program Wednesday! In order for women to not lose sight of their purpose as they move through their 40′s and beyond, they have to know what their purpose is. In this interview with Shelly Lisoskie you can expect to discover how to: [...]

Audio: Emotional Effects of Loss-Elizabeth Hallett

Wonderful conversation with Elizabeth Hallett this week! This week’s show featured Elder Care Specialist, Elizabeth Hallett: The Emotional Effects of Loss. When we have a loved one who has developed Alzheimer’s Disease, there are difficult adjustments to make as we see the person we knew disappearing. Learning to accept this different person who is experiencing [...]

Audio: Rescue Dogs to OUR Rescue!

Dale Anderson and I came together to invite dog lovers to a teleconference today. You’ll love hearing the stories that were shared during the call. How dogs who were in danger of losing their lives came into the lives of families and ended up being a huge blessing in many different ways. Therapy dogs do [...]

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