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Is Clutter Blocking Your Business Success | Technology Can Help

GUEST POST from Cynthia Charleen Technology does not have to be complicated and can help control the clutter that is a barrier to your business success.  Do you ever write down information such as telephone numbers or notes about a task that you need to do? I know I have and it often causes frustration [...]

Choose To Work In a Way That Gives You the Freedom to Care for Family Members

GUEST POST from Connie Ragen Green My mother had me when she was 37, and that was quite uncommon during the 1950’s. Now I am in my fifties and she is almost 93, so that means that our roles have reversed and I am now doing much of the care giving for her. Last year [...]

Using Technology to Make Life Simpler

Have you sworn at technology yet today? When things are not working as we'd like, it's easy to curse all of these innovations… But wait! Where would we be without the many technological advances we enjoy today?  I look around my home and am amazed at what we have at our disposal today. Think of [...]

Laughter Yoga

When was the last time you laughed boisterously? As children it was a frequent event.. Pre-school children laugh or smile 300-400 times a day. You can see it in their faces even when nothing special is happening. The reality for adults is that number drops to only 15 times a day by the time you reach [...]

Feeding Your Brain to Avoid Alzheimer’s

Do you feel as though you just don't have time to prepare healthy meals? Do you think that it is too expensive to eat the most nutritious food? Thursday I have the pleasure of being the featured guest for the National Association of Boomer Business Women. I'll be sharing ways to feed your brain to [...]

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