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Staying Calm When Your Roof Is Being Replaced…

After weathering a massive hail storm in Phoenix, my roof needed to be replaced.  After procrastinating for months, this is the day! With little rain in Phoenix, it’s hard to know just how much is wrong with a roof until a big storm. I couldn’t find my little ShihTzu anywhere and finally found him under [...]

PIYO and The King’s Speech

PIYO was a new challenge for me this morning! It’s a combination of yoga and pilates. INTENSE! I did what I could and know it challenged my body – both muscularly and cardiovascularly…..NEW WORD! After taking a convoluted route to Costco to stock up on my greens, I stopped at the library to pick up [...]

Airline Customer Service Extraordinaire!

When I saw a recent news article about Southwest Airlines acquiring AirTran, my mind went to all the positive memories I have about this airline. Southwest Airlines has always amazed me! How do they manage to provide low fares and no baggage fees? How can they afford to allow changes to airline tickets without any [...]

Mother’s Day Myriad of Emotions

As we approach Mother’s Day, what thoughts and feelings are coming up for you? Mother’s Day is one that is full of emotions for me. I became a mother on Mother’s Day.  That was exciting to wake up in labor…I was overdue and sad that I wouldn’t be a mother in time.  The night before [...]

Preconceived Notions about Life-and Snakes

How do you react when you see a snake or some other reptile? Many people are super frightened and want to kill any snake that they may see near their home. We’re not born with any fears except the fear of falling and of loud noises.  Other fears and phobias develop as a result of [...]

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