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Did You Know Your Wrinkles Can Indicate Low Bone Density?

You know I never did enjoy having a furrowed brow and now I am reading that it can indicate that I may be having problems with my bone density! Studies at Yale's School of Medicine have shown that the more wrinkles a woman has in early menopause years the more likely she is to have [...]

Miraval Resort Frozen Mint Lemonade – BEST Ever!

  You may have read some of my earlier posts about my Miraval experiences.  I talked about letting go with my "Swing and a Prayer" experience. I shared my learnings about certainty from the "Miraval Equine Experience" and my discovery of the power of my energy with being in the ring with Bailey at the [...]

How Being Ostracized Affects the Brain

Another word for being ostracized is being bullied. Bullying is part of our culture from childhood through adulthood.   That old "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names and faces don't hurt me"   is a lot of bologna!  The pain of being ridiculed and excluded goes deeps and the healing is much [...]

Early Alzheimer’s or Senior Moment?

Reading about Dr. Kirk Daffner’s work gave me some clarification about whether forgetfulness could be early Alzheimer’s or whether it was just a senior moment. Dr. Daffner, a Harvard brain specialist, offers some tips to help us know when to seek medical help. “If someone has reduced or slowed ability to retrieve names of friends [...]

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