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Do You Judge Your Sensations?

Reading a definition of mindfulness meditation as "nonjudgmental attention to sensations", I became interested to learn more about what that meant. When I think about my usual experience of life, I know that I am constantly making judgments about what I am observing. Do I like what I am seeing, hearing, feeling?  What past memories [...]

Raspberry Picking In Honor of Nana’s Birthday

This year it was so wonderful to be able to pick LOTS of raspberries in Washington on July 14, my Nana's birthday.  She passed away in 1988 and lives on vividly in my many memories of her. This photo was taken at one of her many birthday gatherings. To the right of Nana is her [...]

Celebrating My Book Proposal: Brain Health for Boomers

    Who would have thought that entering a writing contest for a book proposal would bring up my entire life for review???  I certainly didn't expect to have the array of emotions come forward for me. When I first read about the contest, I didn't feel called to enter. Then it came to me [...]

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