Meet Suzanne…

Suzanne Holman

After many years as an educator, Suzanne Holman started her coaching, speaking, and consulting business, Suzanne Holman International, in 2002.  Educated in nutrition, psychology, technology, communications, and counseling; Suzanne’s clients benefit from this varied background.  Along with her extensive background, Suzanne has the wisdom of experience in all she teaches.  Suzanne has had life events that have required her to dig deep into herself and find creative ways to move forward. Her challenges are the catalyst for the programs she offers.

Experiences that include:

  • Being mom of three children all under the age of three, while running the family business
  • Living as a single mom all while working as an educator and obtaining a masters degree
  • Sustaining multiple injuries through survival of a car crash in which her significant other was killed
  • Maintaining her coaching business remotely being there for her grandson who was born with a multitude of physical problems which required multiple surgeries and hospitalization for the first six months of his life
  • As the only sibling near her parents, Suzanne was there when her dad went through the painful stages of cancer and death.  For many years, Suzanne experienced her mother’s gradual decline and death after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Moving beyond the challenges for Suzanne has meant…

  • Building a rewarding business
  • Taking solo international trips
  • Rock climbing
  • Kayaking in the beautiful NorthWest waters
  • Traveling cross country with her rescue ShihTzu, Shaiming
  • Enjoying life in her Phoenix home and in her Washington State getaway
  • SCUBA diving in Mexico, Hawaii and the Catalina Islands
  • Backpacking for five days on the Banks Peninsula in New Zealand

Suzanne loves sharing the strategies she designed that supported her in finding the strength and perseverance to keep going.  Staying on course when your world is shaken up by unexpected happenings is not easy.  Suzanne supports others who are facing their own overwhelming personal challenges that are keeping them from living a full and joyous life. Suzanne is a professional coach certified in Emotional Intelligence and EFT methods through one-on-one training with Gary Craig.


You’ll find her articles widely distributed on the web as well as in hard copy publications. Suzanne has been interviewed on numerous radio shows and telesummits.  Her award winning blog is not only available online, but is also offered as a subscription to Kindle owners.

Suzanne is an oasis of calm. Her gentle and warm approach elicit a centered and open engagement. Whether she’s leading a teleclass or interviewing experts, she’s connective and caring and brings out the deepest insights, without having you feel exposed and vulnerable. Her manner engenders trust and integrity. Suzanne is a treasure, as a person, and an invaluable ally in partnership. She has my highest recommendation

Adela Rubio

Suzanne has been a partner for many years in Brain Awareness Week sponsored by the Dana Foundation for brain research.  Suzanne Holman International is also a member of the Alzheimer’s Early Detection Alliance (AEDA), that educates people about the signs of Alzheimer’s, the importance of early detection and the resources available to help them.

Suzanne resides in Phoenix, Arizona where she enjoys her location-independent business that enables her to spend extended visits to the Northwest and East with her three children and five grandchildren.   In developing this ability to work anywhere, Suzanne has created strategies that can be valuable for anyone who needs to work outside of their usual office.


Invite Suzanne Holman, MAEd to be part of your conference, meeting, or training program.  She brings inspiration as well as effective, tangible tools that can help people get unstuck and move toward their goals. Call now: 480-309-5503, or contact her through this form.  Her email address is  Suzanne (at)