Brain and Body Healthy Reading – A Guest Blog Post by Dave Jeffries

By Suzanne Holman • March 30th, 2011

Guest Blog Post by Dave Jeffries

I asked Dave to share some of his knowledge with my blog readers.
Dave is a voracious reader and I thought it would be great for him to share some of the books that he has found most valuable.  


I believe, the first thing we need to understand about food is – food is a drug.  The next thing we need to understand is that, it is not what we eat; it is what we think about what we eat.  

The Greeks knew that a healthy body provided the environment for a healthy mind.  It amazes me that humans have been on Earth for over 150 million years and we still are debating how to care for this body we wonder around in.  Wayne Dyer has a saying that describes the human condition, “we aren’t doing anything, we are being done!”  We live in an organism of 50 trillion cells that maintains itself.  Bruce Lipton, writer of the “The Biology of Belief” describes the human form as a Petri dish, wrapped in skin with our brain as the chemist.

I have found the following collection of materials to provide me with tools that have been useful in helping me maintain a healthy body.  Dr. Barry Sears, “The Anti-Aging Zone” is a broad view of how the body functions.  

Later books have more specific topics.  Julia Ross’s book “The Mood Cure” is helpful in giving us tools to learn how to eat to keep mentally balanced.  

Stephen Chernicke’s book “The Metabolic Plan” gives us a look at how we fit in Mother Nature’s plan and what we can do to “fool” Mother Nature.  All three of these authors favor the “hunter gather” type of diet.  

Dr. “B”’s (Batmanghelidj) work, “Your Body's Many Cries for Water”.  We start off life being 70% water and as we age, it is not unusual to have this percentage drop to 50%.  No wonder we become prunes!  

Dr. Barry Sears has a family history of early heart disease.  His PhD is in the study of lipids, body fats.  His personal mission was to see if he could change the spots on the genetic code cards he was dealt.  He went looking for the magic bullet.  What he found was that food and omega-3’s were the key elements.  He must be doing something right, he is almost a decade older than past generations of men in his family.

Julia Ross was tasked with finding a better method to increase the success of rehab efforts in 1976.  She and the team she worked with needed to come up with a program to increase rehab success from 10% to a much better number.  The team looked at what the body’s reaction was to the dependent chemical the patient was using.  They looked for food sources that would supply a complimentary response.  The amino acids that are the building blocks for the mood balancing drugs the brain uses to keep us balanced is her addition to the puzzle that I found interesting.  Taking her tests to see what amino’s are missing or in short supply, is the first step.  Take the amino acids that are body is low in and checking for a response is the second step.  This happens in minutes.  In 20 minutes to a half hour, you will feel the response if this was the amino your body was low in.  I play bridge.  I use to take an amino acid 20 minutes before game time.  It was amazing how the clarity increased.  It was like the Claritin Clear commercial.  It was like having the fog lift.  If we supply ourselves with the right foods, we can get our bodies back in balance in a few months and the need to take supplement amino acids goes away.

Stephen Cherniske’s book “The Metabolic Plan”, I thought was a handbook to the human body.  It will make you take a different look at caffeine and if you want to have it in your life.  He looked at people over the age of 100 and searched for what was it that they had in common.  The common factor of living longer is muscle mass.  Discusses how we age and what actions we can take to maintain function and alertness until the day we leave this Earth. Look at page 40 in the book.  It has a picture of him at age 40 and age 48.  He practices what he preaches.  The guy is in his early 60’s and has 11% body fat.

Dr. B.   I admire the guts this guy had and the conditions he lived under for years.  He was in prison for treason.  In prison is where he discovered the magic of water.  On the link, listen to the interview with Tony Robbins.  

After doing some research, I started drinking 1.5 liters of water 3 times a day.  I was amazed that my bathroom habits didn’t change the first day.  I must have been a “quart” low.  My headaches went away.  They were from dehydration.  I have asthma and drinking more water helped this condition.  I take a ¼ teaspoon of sea salt a day to keep my electrolytes balanced.   My blood shot eyes cleared.  I was amazed at how a simple thing as the amount of water made such a difference in the function of the body.  Sweat and elimination is a primary method of removing toxins.  We need to have enough water going through us to make this work properly.  It was interesting to learn that the hungry response may be a cry for water.  I now drink a glass of water.  If I am still hungry in 20 minutes, I eat a balanced snack with carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Also go to flexx labs to see some of the bulking formulas and other ways to help you loose weight.

These four authors, taken as a collective, have given me a perspective on how to get the best performance from my body.


Dave JeffriesAbout Dave Jeffries:

I was born in Spokane, WA and have lived from Anchorage, AK to Long Beach, CA and many other points along the West Coast. I became active in doing self improvement in 1972 when I took a class as, a lark that was titled "Self Actualization and Human Potential" taught by Don Jolly.  I have a BS degree in Computer Science from UC Irvine.  I have been employed in many industries including finance, service,manufacturing, entertainment, farm equipment, and service.  My current love is the Home Performance, energy efficient industry.  I verify homes for the Energy Star program.  In late 2006, I discovered that most everything I knew, was a lie.  Interesting how our view of reality continues to change.  I became absorbed in spiritual and metaphysical books.  I was then able to understand the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know".  I enjoy watching the Dog Whisperer.  This is the best show on seeing the energy connection, in communication, that we have with all forms on this Earth.  In short, I am a searcher and a seeker.



Begun, the great intenert education has.

By John Heggen on October 9th, 2011 at 11:42 am

Very good article Dave — Much of what you wrote about I do with exception of the quantity of water consumed. I intend to change that now.


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