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Unexpected Disruption from NYC Storms

Janice Taylor writes for the Huffington Post. Her recent post talking about the recent hurricane and her experiences with her mother during that crisis caught my eye: The Oy Vey After the Storm: How I survived Hurricane Irene With My 95-Year-Old Mother at My Side I found this story particularly compelling because of my own [...]

Early Alzheimer’s or Senior Moment?

Reading about Dr. Kirk Daffner’s work gave me some clarification about whether forgetfulness could be early Alzheimer’s or whether it was just a senior moment. Dr. Daffner, a Harvard brain specialist, offers some tips to help us know when to seek medical help. “If someone has reduced or slowed ability to retrieve names of friends [...]

Choose To Work In a Way That Gives You the Freedom to Care for Family Members

GUEST POST from Connie Ragen Green My mother had me when she was 37, and that was quite uncommon during the 1950’s. Now I am in my fifties and she is almost 93, so that means that our roles have reversed and I am now doing much of the care giving for her. Last year [...]

Long Distance Care of a Parent

This week on The Ageless Woman Teleseminar Program Four years ago, alarmed by her then 83-year-old mother’s stark personality change (from highly functional to nasty freakishness) and her dramatic shift in mobility, Renée Barnow set sail on the unknown waters of elder care. As the oldest and only daughter, Renée became more the executive of [...]

Clutter or Precious Memories? Interview with Cynthia Alexander

Cynthia Alexander, the Declutter Queen was my special guest this week on The Ageless Woman Teleseminar Program! One Saturday, several years ago, Cynthia Alexander had a declutter encounter of the first kind. Her daughter arrived at her door with boxes and plastic tubs in hand. That was the first time she was aware that all [...]

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