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Early Alzheimer’s or Senior Moment?

Reading about Dr. Kirk Daffner’s work gave me some clarification about whether forgetfulness could be early Alzheimer’s or whether it was just a senior moment. Dr. Daffner, a Harvard brain specialist, offers some tips to help us know when to seek medical help. “If someone has reduced or slowed ability to retrieve names of friends [...]

Alzheimer’s – Early Detection Makes a Difference

  Recently,  Suzanne Holman International became a member of the Alzheimer's Association Early Detection Alliance.  It's an honor to have our company be part of this group that is helping to spread awareness of Alzheimer's disease.   The goal of the Alzheimer's Early Detection Alliance is to educate everyone about the major warning signs of [...]

Avoid the Dinosaur Syndrome and Extinction

We all know the demise of the dinosaurs … they became extinct! Think of the anatomy of the dinosaur.  They were huge creatures and had very small brains. Ironic that what research is showing us is that as our bodies get more and more overweight, our brains get smaller.  Dr. Daniel Amen came up with [...]

Brain Care Is Clarified With Understanding Mechanisms of Intelligence

  How many suggestions have you heard just this week for how to improve your memory or to avoid getting Alzheimer's disease? It's overwhelming and confusing to sort through the multiple supplements, foods, brain games, and other techniques that are being touted as the latest and greatest support for your brain. What makes it so [...]

CNN headline today about Fish Oil – not effective?

"Fish oil ingredient doesn't slow Alzheimer's"   Headline article today, CNN At a glance one would think that it is time to forget about taking Omega 3's. BUT – notice that the headline says "doesn't slow Alzheimer's"….. The study described in today's article was done with people in their 70's already showing signs of Alzheimer's/dementia. [...]

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