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Food For Brain Health

In order to have the freedom to live out your plans and dreams for the future, you need to stay strong, healthy, and empowered. Critical to this is the health of your brain. Some areas where you can make changes to optimize your brain are with food and supplements, physical exercise, sleep, our emotional state, [...]

Does Brain Stimulation Really Increase the Rate of Decline for Alzheimer’s?

“Doing puzzles could speed up dementia” “Brain Exercise may worsen existing Alzheimer’s” “Why you shouldn’t play mentally stimulating games” These are recent headlines after results came out from a new study.  These headlines distorted the study statistics quite a bit. Published in Neurology by Dr. Wilson from the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, this new study showed [...]

No One Is Immune to Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Did you realize that more than four million people in the United States have Alzheimer's, a form of dementia? If the population of people with dementia were compared with the population of a country, it is bigger than Switzerland. And it is expected that dementia will cost $604 billion dollars worldwide this year. There is [...]

Feeding Your Brain to Avoid Alzheimer’s

Do you feel as though you just don't have time to prepare healthy meals? Do you think that it is too expensive to eat the most nutritious food? Thursday I have the pleasure of being the featured guest for the National Association of Boomer Business Women. I'll be sharing ways to feed your brain to [...]

Dementia Beyond Drugs-Interview on The Ageless Woman Show

Recent evidence shows that medications used for people with dementia are responsible for a number of serious side effects–even increased mortality–yet their use continues to rise in all living environments. As part of The Ageless Woman Teleseminar Program held weekly at no charge, I will be interviewing Dr. Allen Power, author of Dementia Beyond Drugs: [...]

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