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Omega 3 and Doggie Alzheimer’s Disease

OK….  I know.  I’ve been talking way too much about dogs on this Alzheimer’s Disease blog… BUT …admit it.  Isn’t it interesting to realize that very similar things go on in the brains of dogs as in humans?  We are all susceptible to Cognitive Dysfunction/Alzheimer’s Disease. Omega 3 supplementation is one very positive step to [...]

Amazing Brain Benefits of Vegetables- Even for Dogs

I am hoping you are finding value in these posts focused on cognitive problems/ Alzheimer’s Disease in dogs and how to treat them. I admit I am just a bit obsessed about dogs after adopting my  Shih Tzu Shaiming on April 23rd after not having a dog for quite a few years. He’s six years old [...]

Treating Dogs With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Disease is found in dogs as well as in humans.  In previous blog posts, I talked more about the problem as well as the symptoms to look for in your dog to determine if he is just getting older or if he has Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome/ Alzheimer’s Disease. If you are seeing the behaviors [...]

Does MY Dog Have Alzheimer’s Disease?

In a study still going on at the University of California-Berkeley, they have seen 62 percent of dogs 11 – 16 years old demonstrating one or more signs of  Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, similar to Alzheimer’s Disease. I’m sure you’re wondering how to find out if your dog is showing signs of CDS or if  he [...]

Dogs with Alzheimer’s Disease?

Dogs with Alzheimer’s Disease? Who would have thought? You may have read on previous posts  that I adopted a 6-year-old ShihTzu from the Humane Society 5 weeks ago.   Although little dogs live longer lives than larger ones, I am still concerned about his health and this research really caught my eye. If your dog [...]

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