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Joy of Cooking … and laughter!

Sunday’s message by Richard Maraj, minister of Unity of Phoenix church was part of the series on Spirituality in Everyday Life. Focus this time was on food and cooking and how it corresponds to life.  Three main lessons about cooking relate to Service, Creativity, and Connection.   Below is the audio of the talk… All of [...]

What’s New with Alzheimer’s in the Family?

Our June monthly free telephone support call is June 14, 2010. This is actually Flag Day in the United States! Our call is at 8:30 pm Eastern time. Fun to be interviewed today by Life Coach Karin Lingerfelt about what is going on with Alzheimer’s in the Family!

Are you game to stay sane when your parent has Alzheimer’s?

Alz Slide Show

Interview: Staying Sane, Healthy, and Professional

Thursday I was interviewed by Viki Kind on her BlogTalk Radio Show. Viki is a personal healthcare strategist and a medical ethicist. She has lectured across America teaching healthcare professionals to have integrity, compassion and to improve end-of-life care. She created a nationally distributed program, “Improving the Geriatric Patient’s Medical Experience” video. In our interview [...]

When visiting Mom today…

When I go to visit Mom in the Care Center where she lives in a special section for those with Alzheimer’s Disease, I just never know what to expect. Today there were several incidents that were a bit disturbing to me. I decided to record my thoughts in this short 6 minute audio rather than [...]

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