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Ready to Recalibrate Your Life?

Recalibrate…   Don't you LOVE that word? You know you are ready for something to be different in your life. Life circumstances are changing for you and there are choices you need to make. I can't tell you how many women I've heard sharing this feeling. Maybe it's this particular time in history. Maybe it's [...]

Work Smarter-Not Harder: Lesson From Kayaking

  I absolutely LOVE being on the water! And when you are in a kayak, you actually can feel at one with that water. You're there with the sea creatures, creating very little disturbance to their habitat. Here's the story of a great kayak adventure afternoon: It all started with a PERFECT weather day.   [...]

Did You Know Your Wrinkles Can Indicate Low Bone Density?

You know I never did enjoy having a furrowed brow and now I am reading that it can indicate that I may be having problems with my bone density! Studies at Yale's School of Medicine have shown that the more wrinkles a woman has in early menopause years the more likely she is to have [...]

How are you staying small by not getting the support you need?

Having the mindset that you want to be totally in control of what is going on in your life can limit your possibilities. It's difficult to take on bigger, more challenging projects when you feel you must handle all the responsibilities yourself. Are there things that you would like to have happen in your life, [...]

Deciding and showing up is the biggest challenge:Taking On the Rope Challenge Course at Miraval

Have you ever decided to go ahead with something because you knew you really wanted the experience and yet wandered if it would be something that you really could accomplish? I felt that way when I signed my name on the  list for "Swing and a Prayer", a challenge of swinging in a harness from [...]

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