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26 Magic Minutes of Daily Walking

  According to a study done at the University of Pittsburgh, 26 minutes is the exact amount of time optimum for helping your body to burn calories and increase the  endorphins that make us feel better. It also is enough to pump the blood with more oxygen to enhance our thinking.   Another benefit is [...]

Brain and Body Healthy Reading – A Guest Blog Post by Dave Jeffries

Guest Blog Post by Dave Jeffries I asked Dave to share some of his knowledge with my blog readers. Dave is a voracious reader and I thought it would be great for him to share some of the books that he has found most valuable.   BRAIN and BODY HEALTHY READING I believe, the first [...]

What Are You Waiting For? Take Action!

This week on The Ageless Woman Teleseminar Program, I am interviewing Helen Raptoplous. Helen is an Action Habits Coach who loves to support people to take action on the things that matter most. She shares that people can achieve great success by being held accountable,  getting attention, and taking action. Suzanne and Helen at recent [...]

Family Challenges Wreaking Havoc on Your Body?

When we are in the midst of family challenges and our whole being needs it most, we are often inclined to bypass the things that can support us in being fully engaged in our lives. How often have you decided that there just isn’t time for even a short workout, walk,  or run? Or there [...]

Baby Boomer Defined

Baby boomers are defined as people born 1946-1964. After American soldiers returned home from World War II in1946, the United States experienced an explosion of births (hence the name baby boom) that continued for the next 18 years, when the birth rate began to drop. In 1964, baby boomers represented 40% of the population, which [...]

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