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Do You Judge Your Sensations?

Reading a definition of mindfulness meditation as "nonjudgmental attention to sensations", I became interested to learn more about what that meant. When I think about my usual experience of life, I know that I am constantly making judgments about what I am observing. Do I like what I am seeing, hearing, feeling?  What past memories [...]

Celebrating My Book Proposal: Brain Health for Boomers

    Who would have thought that entering a writing contest for a book proposal would bring up my entire life for review???  I certainly didn't expect to have the array of emotions come forward for me. When I first read about the contest, I didn't feel called to enter. Then it came to me [...]

Healthy Mind Platter – Dr. Daniel Siegel and David Rock

Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, a professor at UCLA and executive director of Mindsight Institute and David Rock, executive director of NeuroLeadership Institute recently created a concept called The Healthy Mind Platter.  Taking off on what makes for a healthy, balanced, plate of food, The Healthy Mind Platter has  seven essential mental activities necessary for optimum [...]

26 Magic Minutes of Daily Walking

  According to a study done at the University of Pittsburgh, 26 minutes is the exact amount of time optimum for helping your body to burn calories and increase the  endorphins that make us feel better. It also is enough to pump the blood with more oxygen to enhance our thinking.   Another benefit is [...]

How Being Ostracized Affects the Brain

Another word for being ostracized is being bullied. Bullying is part of our culture from childhood through adulthood.   That old "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names and faces don't hurt me"   is a lot of bologna!  The pain of being ridiculed and excluded goes deeps and the healing is much [...]

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