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Early Alzheimer’s or Senior Moment?

Reading about Dr. Kirk Daffner’s work gave me some clarification about whether forgetfulness could be early Alzheimer’s or whether it was just a senior moment. Dr. Daffner, a Harvard brain specialist, offers some tips to help us know when to seek medical help. “If someone has reduced or slowed ability to retrieve names of friends [...]

How You Do One Thing Is the Way You Do Most Things

One of the highlights at Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona is the Equine Experience. I did NOT want to miss this opportunity. I gave up my appointment for a spa treatment because it conflicted with this activity. Purple Sage Ranch is just a dusty road away from the main resort. Wyatt Webb, best-selling author and [...]

Brain and Body Healthy Reading – A Guest Blog Post by Dave Jeffries

Guest Blog Post by Dave Jeffries I asked Dave to share some of his knowledge with my blog readers. Dave is a voracious reader and I thought it would be great for him to share some of the books that he has found most valuable.   BRAIN and BODY HEALTHY READING I believe, the first [...]

Avoid the Dinosaur Syndrome and Extinction

We all know the demise of the dinosaurs … they became extinct! Think of the anatomy of the dinosaur.  They were huge creatures and had very small brains. Ironic that what research is showing us is that as our bodies get more and more overweight, our brains get smaller.  Dr. Daniel Amen came up with [...]

Stay Independent Longer With Cognitive Training

Who doesn't want to stay independent? When you were growing up, do you remember how it felt when you could finally drive by yourself?   Can you even imagine losing that ability? Studies are showing that cognitive training can make a huge difference in the skills required for competent driving.  It is important to know what [...]

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