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Is Clutter Blocking Your Business Success | Technology Can Help

GUEST POST from Cynthia Charleen Technology does not have to be complicated and can help control the clutter that is a barrier to your business success.  Do you ever write down information such as telephone numbers or notes about a task that you need to do? I know I have and it often causes frustration [...]

Sort Clutter and Organize – Is It Worth The Time?

Guest Post from Sue Rasmussen I have learned so much from Sue and thought this article had some great information.  As you know, I've made decluttering a huge emphasis in my life right now.  I learned a lot from Sue in her Staging Course. You may wonder if it is worth your time to sort [...]

The Clutter Must Go!

When I walked into my office Monday morning with fresh energy ready for a week of new and exciting projects, I was hit with a wave of heaviness… yuckiness …. yes, even shame…that my office had so many papers not under the lock and key of a folder! I have been feeling so optimistic about [...]

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