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Using Technology to Make Life Simpler

Have you sworn at technology yet today? When things are not working as we'd like, it's easy to curse all of these innovations… But wait! Where would we be without the many technological advances we enjoy today?  I look around my home and am amazed at what we have at our disposal today. Think of [...]

Fabulous June Blog Challenge With Jeanette Cates!

30 blog posts in 30 days!   I made it and received my little gold trophy icon by my name. I wondered if I would be able to follow through with this. In the past, I had started a challenge and then would  feel overwhelmed and not complete the posts. This time, I was determined. [...]

Freedom Comes From Being Real

For most dogs, the 4th of July is one of the most unfavorite days of the year! The loud crackles and booms of fireworks is hard on their delicate ears and scares the begeebies out of them. Shaiming, my six-year old ShihTzu I rescued from the Humane Society in April wasn’t terribly excited about modeling [...]

Real Food – For a Healthy Brain

Yesterday was a really hot day in Phoenix.  I made the decision to stay home and enjoy the cool house… I particularly love weekends because I am on an electric plan that gives me power for 1/3 the cost Saturday and Sunday (and after 9 pm weekdays)…. In planning my Sunday,  I had one of [...]

Father’s Day Heartache: “Do you know him?”

I knew it would probably happen. Somehow I didn’t think it would really happen with MY Mom though. And it was Father’s Day… Mom has had Alzheimer’s Disease for over 3 years and has lived in the Alzheimer’s Care Center in Royal Oaks Life Care Community since July of 2006. Mom still gets around with [...]

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