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Preventing Memory Loss With Antioxidant Fruits and Vegetables

I receive a weekly newsletter, Brain In The News from Dr. Daniel G. Amen, This information was particularly interesting so I thought I would include some of it here for you. Quoting from the newsletter: Here are some tips to help you stay vital into your senior years. Preventing Alzheimer’s disease and other causes [...]

Make Cooking Easy With a Shopping Plan

Keeping the refrigerator stocked for healthy eating! Here are some ways I make life easier and my meals healthier and even save some $: 1. Vegetables: I buy large bags of frozen organic beans and mixed vegetables to have in the freezer ready for times that I am out of fresh veggies. Check for specials [...]

Green Smoothie – A Glass of Fresh!

Yes, that is what Oprah called this drink when Dr. Oz prepared it for her on air! Most mornings I throw together one of these super nutritious, refreshing drinks.I know that I’ve gotten my day off to a great start without a lot of preparation. Ingredients: 2 or more cups of spinach1 1/2 cups water [...]

Make it easy to eat healthy foods!

If you can make it easy to have healthy foods on hand, would you be more likely to eat at home? How often have you made the decision to pick up fast food or go out to eat simply because you don’t have foods on hand ready to be prepared? Part of a Million Dollar [...]

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