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Laughter Yoga

When was the last time you laughed boisterously? As children it was a frequent event.. Pre-school children laugh or smile 300-400 times a day. You can see it in their faces even when nothing special is happening. The reality for adults is that number drops to only 15 times a day by the time you reach [...]

Clutter or Precious Memories? Interview with Cynthia Alexander

Cynthia Alexander, the Declutter Queen was my special guest this week on The Ageless Woman Teleseminar Program! One Saturday, several years ago, Cynthia Alexander had a declutter encounter of the first kind. Her daughter arrived at her door with boxes and plastic tubs in hand. That was the first time she was aware that all [...]

Alzheimer’s is focus on Dr. Oz today, Jan 14

The Alzheimer’s Association alerted me that Dr. OZ  was having a show focusing on Alzheimer’s today.  It will be interesting to see what he covers.  I’ve read articles he has written about the disease.  He seems very knowledgable. One phase of my business is working with professional women who have a parent with Alzheimer’s.  I’ve [...]

Yahoo! Healing With the Masters starts today…

Marianne Williamson Gregg Braden Neale Donald Walsch Stuart Wilde Marci Shimoff These are just a few of the well known, sought-after speakers that you’ll be able to experience  from the comfort of your home and without spending a dime! You can check out details here if you’re in a hurry… or read on to learn [...]

For Your Self Esteem – Dr. Joe Rubino

As you know, I love sharing opportunities for learning and support! I am writing to invite you to an extraordinary teleseminar series, “Profound Paths to Health, Healing and Happiness.” We are in the 2nd week of the “Profound Paths to Health, Healing and Happiness” Fall 2009 teleseminar series, and an empowering conversation with Dr. Joe [...]

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