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26 Magic Minutes of Daily Walking

  According to a study done at the University of Pittsburgh, 26 minutes is the exact amount of time optimum for helping your body to burn calories and increase the  endorphins that make us feel better. It also is enough to pump the blood with more oxygen to enhance our thinking.   Another benefit is [...]

Deciding and showing up is the biggest challenge:Taking On the Rope Challenge Course at Miraval

Have you ever decided to go ahead with something because you knew you really wanted the experience and yet wandered if it would be something that you really could accomplish? I felt that way when I signed my name on the  list for "Swing and a Prayer", a challenge of swinging in a harness from [...]

Full Moon at Sunrise This Morning!

What a treat to see the reflection of the full moon at sunrise this morning! For a night owl, it’s been a bit of a challenge for me to be up early enough to enjoy the cool, early dawns here in Phoenix. AND, I’m seeing that I AM able to make the change, getting myself [...]

Find Some Exercise That You Can Enjoy!

Exercise has been shown to be a KEY factor in our brain health.  There are many other suggestions for supplements and foods, but we know for SURE that keeping our cardiovascular health strong is essential for avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease and having a sharp and focused brain. If you are saying you don’t like to exercise, [...]

The Skinny On Elliptical Machines

Physical exercise is one element that has absolutely been proven to improve our brain functioning.  This is due to the increased blood flow to the brain, giving it the nutrients needed for optimal performance. Outdoor hiking is great when the weather is wonderful.  And to make it easy to be consistent with exercise, we need [...]

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