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Mother’s Day Myriad of Emotions

As we approach Mother’s Day, what thoughts and feelings are coming up for you? Mother’s Day is one that is full of emotions for me. I became a mother on Mother’s Day.  That was exciting to wake up in labor…I was overdue and sad that I wouldn’t be a mother in time.  The night before [...]

Using Technology to Make Life Simpler

Have you sworn at technology yet today? When things are not working as we'd like, it's easy to curse all of these innovations… But wait! Where would we be without the many technological advances we enjoy today?  I look around my home and am amazed at what we have at our disposal today. Think of [...]

You can capture so much in a video! – Surprise for me today!

What a fun surprise this morning! I opened my email to see that I was one of the three winners for Video Guru @LouBortone’s  offer in the recent Done For You Giveaway created by Kim Clausen and Linda Claire-Puig. I love videos – they can express so much in such a short time! For my Mom’s memorial [...]

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