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Some Great Brain Recipes! – Audio Download

Yesterday on The Ageless Woman Radio Show I shared a shopping cart full of delicious ways to fuel your body for a fabulous brain. On this audio you’ll discover some great ways to plan and prepare scrumptious, easy meals that are great support for your brain. We need to be proactive in optimizing our brains [...]

Eating Well For Best Brain Health – Radio Show Today!

If you are feeling as though you don’t have the time to eat healthy, you must join me on The Ageless Woman Radio Show! Not only are the meals easy, they are also wonderfully flavorful and appealing. In last week’s show we talked about how you can avoid Alzheimer’s disease in a variety of ways. [...]

Italian Meatballs and Zucchini

Frozen turkey meatballs(big bag from Foster Farms available at Costco)Fresh zucchiniShredded mozzarella cheesePasta sauce (low in fat and sugar) Prepare the meatballs by either microwaving or putting them in askillet (no oil needed) and allowing them to brown slightly while warming up.Slice zucchini and cook in a microwaveable casserole.I add the sauce to the skillet [...]

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