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Raspberry Picking In Honor of Nana’s Birthday

This year it was so wonderful to be able to pick LOTS of raspberries in Washington on July 14, my Nana's birthday.  She passed away in 1988 and lives on vividly in my many memories of her. This photo was taken at one of her many birthday gatherings. To the right of Nana is her [...]

Brain and Body Healthy Reading – A Guest Blog Post by Dave Jeffries

Guest Blog Post by Dave Jeffries I asked Dave to share some of his knowledge with my blog readers. Dave is a voracious reader and I thought it would be great for him to share some of the books that he has found most valuable.   BRAIN and BODY HEALTHY READING I believe, the first [...]

Don’t let Keurig convenience overrun our landfills…

Keurig Coffee makers seem to be all the rage this year! I have seen so many TV commercials and have had occasion to make a cup of coffee with one at a relative's  home.   It just seems so packaging crazy to use this handy system. When I was gifted with a Special Edition Keurig Coffee [...]

Feeding Your Brain to Avoid Alzheimer’s

Do you feel as though you just don't have time to prepare healthy meals? Do you think that it is too expensive to eat the most nutritious food? Thursday I have the pleasure of being the featured guest for the National Association of Boomer Business Women. I'll be sharing ways to feed your brain to [...]

Some Great Brain Recipes! – Audio Download

Yesterday on The Ageless Woman Radio Show I shared a shopping cart full of delicious ways to fuel your body for a fabulous brain. On this audio you’ll discover some great ways to plan and prepare scrumptious, easy meals that are great support for your brain. We need to be proactive in optimizing our brains [...]

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