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Ready to Recalibrate Your Life?

Recalibrate…   Don't you LOVE that word? You know you are ready for something to be different in your life. Life circumstances are changing for you and there are choices you need to make. I can't tell you how many women I've heard sharing this feeling. Maybe it's this particular time in history. Maybe it's [...]

Healthy Mind Platter – Dr. Daniel Siegel and David Rock

Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, a professor at UCLA and executive director of Mindsight Institute and David Rock, executive director of NeuroLeadership Institute recently created a concept called The Healthy Mind Platter.  Taking off on what makes for a healthy, balanced, plate of food, The Healthy Mind Platter has  seven essential mental activities necessary for optimum [...]

Preconceived Notions about Life-and Snakes

How do you react when you see a snake or some other reptile? Many people are super frightened and want to kill any snake that they may see near their home. We’re not born with any fears except the fear of falling and of loud noises.  Other fears and phobias develop as a result of [...]

Where’s my cool Phoenix morning?

90 degrees Fahrenheit at 5 am this morning! Listen! Audio Boo message:    Where\’s my cool Phoenix morning? As I’ve been talking about in previous posts, I’ve been getting up at 5 am to take advantage of the cool mornings to be out in nature, walking around the neighborhood lake with my dog, Shaiming, working [...]

Perseverance – Just one more step can make the difference!

I just read a great little post from MaryPat Kavanagh, Failure and Perseverance This month I’m participating in a blog challenge with her along with the Blog30 challenge with Jeanette Cates. I’m loving the movement I’ve had in my writing.  Getting in the flow on a daily basis is really quite fun and inspiring! Reading [...]

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