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Do You Judge Your Sensations?

Reading a definition of mindfulness meditation as "nonjudgmental attention to sensations", I became interested to learn more about what that meant. When I think about my usual experience of life, I know that I am constantly making judgments about what I am observing. Do I like what I am seeing, hearing, feeling?  What past memories [...]

Healthy Mind Platter – Dr. Daniel Siegel and David Rock

Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, a professor at UCLA and executive director of Mindsight Institute and David Rock, executive director of NeuroLeadership Institute recently created a concept called The Healthy Mind Platter.  Taking off on what makes for a healthy, balanced, plate of food, The Healthy Mind Platter has  seven essential mental activities necessary for optimum [...]

Early Alzheimer’s or Senior Moment?

Reading about Dr. Kirk Daffner’s work gave me some clarification about whether forgetfulness could be early Alzheimer’s or whether it was just a senior moment. Dr. Daffner, a Harvard brain specialist, offers some tips to help us know when to seek medical help. “If someone has reduced or slowed ability to retrieve names of friends [...]

Nelson Dellis, USA Memory Champion!

Not only does this twenty-six-year-old graduate student at the University of Miami have a fabulous memory due to lots of effort in developing it, he is training to climb Mt Everest next year. Nelson Dellis's  grandmother died of Alzheimer's disease and the climb up Mt. Everest will earn money for research to help find a [...]

CNN headline today about Fish Oil – not effective?

"Fish oil ingredient doesn't slow Alzheimer's"   Headline article today, CNN At a glance one would think that it is time to forget about taking Omega 3's. BUT – notice that the headline says "doesn't slow Alzheimer's"….. The study described in today's article was done with people in their 70's already showing signs of Alzheimer's/dementia. [...]

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