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Entertain the Brain To Keep It Interested In Life

Even with “normal” aging our short term memory can weaken. Whether you are experiencing normal aging memory reduction or you are having symptoms of Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, finding ways to amuse your brain can be advantageous for its vitality. Our brains love variety and novelty and respond well to stimulation such [...]

Memory Loss As We Age – Is It Normal?

Alzheimer’s Disease is in the news everywhere.
Boomers who value their brain power are getting a bit nervous about changes they are seeing in
their own brains.

Want secrets for a lucid old age?

A guest post by Alvah Parker, Career Transition Coach and Practice Advisor for Attorneys A recent NY Times article focuses on a group of women in their 90s that play bridge with each other regularly. Researchers believe there are a couple of components to longevity – social interaction and using the mind. The game of [...]

The Super Memory Club

The Times’s Benedict Carey sits in on the weekly bridge game at Laguna Woods and discusses the longest and largest ongoing study of people 90 and over and the potential benefits of mental exercise. Check out the video from the New York Times here:

Avoid Alzheimer's With Abundant Exercise

It takes more than crossword puzzles to keep a healthy brain! COMBINE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EXERCISEWe’ve all heard that mental exercises exercising memory and problem solving can help to keep our brains healthy and vibrant. What researchers have found out is that physical exercise not only is good for the heart and general circulation, but [...]

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