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The Clutter Must Go!

When I walked into my office Monday morning with fresh energy ready for a week of new and exciting projects, I was hit with a wave of heaviness… yuckiness …. yes, even shame…that my office had so many papers not under the lock and key of a folder! I have been feeling so optimistic about [...]

Clutter or Precious Memories? Interview with Cynthia Alexander

Cynthia Alexander, the Declutter Queen was my special guest this week on The Ageless Woman Teleseminar Program! One Saturday, several years ago, Cynthia Alexander had a declutter encounter of the first kind. Her daughter arrived at her door with boxes and plastic tubs in hand. That was the first time she was aware that all [...]

We Had a Great Radio Show Today-Alzheimer’s Journey With Mom

Radio Show debut went great today! The Ageless Woman Radio Station! I started the radio show as a way to celebrate women and all that we handle during our lives. I work with women who are boomers and beyond to keep themselves vibrant and successful no matter what family challenges are going on for them. [...]

Dogs with Alzheimer’s Disease?

Dogs with Alzheimer’s Disease? Who would have thought? You may have read on previous posts  that I adopted a 6-year-old ShihTzu from the Humane Society 5 weeks ago.   Although little dogs live longer lives than larger ones, I am still concerned about his health and this research really caught my eye. If your dog [...]

What’s New with Alzheimer’s in the Family?

Our June monthly free telephone support call is June 14, 2010. This is actually Flag Day in the United States! Our call is at 8:30 pm Eastern time. Fun to be interviewed today by Life Coach Karin Lingerfelt about what is going on with Alzheimer’s in the Family!

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