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Dementia Beyond Drugs-Interview on The Ageless Woman Show

Recent evidence shows that medications used for people with dementia are responsible for a number of serious side effects–even increased mortality–yet their use continues to rise in all living environments. As part of The Ageless Woman Teleseminar Program held weekly at no charge, I will be interviewing Dr. Allen Power, author of Dementia Beyond Drugs: [...]

Fabulous June Blog Challenge With Jeanette Cates!

30 blog posts in 30 days!   I made it and received my little gold trophy icon by my name. I wondered if I would be able to follow through with this. In the past, I had started a challenge and then would  feel overwhelmed and not complete the posts. This time, I was determined. [...]

Perseverance – Just one more step can make the difference!

I just read a great little post from MaryPat Kavanagh, Failure and Perseverance This month I’m participating in a blog challenge with her along with the Blog30 challenge with Jeanette Cates. I’m loving the movement I’ve had in my writing.  Getting in the flow on a daily basis is really quite fun and inspiring! Reading [...]

Who Doesn’t Love To Be Read To?

Even when reading is no longer possible for someone with very poor eyesight or a cognitive problem, most people still enjoy hearing stories. Choosing simple stories is best for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Stories that are familiar ones can still be understood. This weekend I took some time to prepare for and to read two [...]

Alzheimer’s Free Monthly Support Call – Monday, 6/14

We’ll have our June call on Monday, June 14, 2010 at 8:30 pm Eastern/5:30 pm Pacific. This phone group meeting is the second Monday of each month. Register to get all the info: It’s such an easy way of gathering together those who have a loved one with Alzheimer’s. What a wonderful way to [...]

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