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26 Magic Minutes of Daily Walking

  According to a study done at the University of Pittsburgh, 26 minutes is the exact amount of time optimum for helping your body to burn calories and increase the  endorphins that make us feel better. It also is enough to pump the blood with more oxygen to enhance our thinking.   Another benefit is [...]

Work Smarter-Not Harder: Lesson From Kayaking

  I absolutely LOVE being on the water! And when you are in a kayak, you actually can feel at one with that water. You're there with the sea creatures, creating very little disturbance to their habitat. Here's the story of a great kayak adventure afternoon: It all started with a PERFECT weather day.   [...]

Avoid Alzheimer's With Abundant Exercise

It takes more than crossword puzzles to keep a healthy brain! COMBINE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EXERCISEWe’ve all heard that mental exercises exercising memory and problem solving can help to keep our brains healthy and vibrant. What researchers have found out is that physical exercise not only is good for the heart and general circulation, but [...]

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