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What Are You Waiting For? Take Action!

This week on The Ageless Woman Teleseminar Program, I am interviewing Helen Raptoplous. Helen is an Action Habits Coach who loves to support people to take action on the things that matter most. She shares that people can achieve great success by being held accountable,  getting attention, and taking action. Suzanne and Helen at recent [...]

Using Technology to Make Life Simpler

Have you sworn at technology yet today? When things are not working as we'd like, it's easy to curse all of these innovations… But wait! Where would we be without the many technological advances we enjoy today?  I look around my home and am amazed at what we have at our disposal today. Think of [...]

Alzheimer's – Keeping Your Business On Track While Supporting Your Parent

by Suzanne Holman, MAEd Do you or any of your friends have a parent with Alzheimer’s? What I’m sharing in this article would have been helpful for me to read prior to experiencing the drastic shift in my mother’s lifestyle last year. I never expected to have such an emotional roller coaster. It took some [...]

Avoid Alzheimer's With Abundant Exercise

It takes more than crossword puzzles to keep a healthy brain! COMBINE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EXERCISEWe’ve all heard that mental exercises exercising memory and problem solving can help to keep our brains healthy and vibrant. What researchers have found out is that physical exercise not only is good for the heart and general circulation, but [...]

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