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Burning Bowl New Year’s Eve Service at Unity of Phoenix

What a powerful process we had during the Burning Bowl New Year's Eve Service at Unity of Phoenix! This photo shows one of the three bowls where we placed a page of what we had written that we would like to release from 2011 and before.   After watching our words go up in flame [...]

Healthy Mind Platter – Dr. Daniel Siegel and David Rock

Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, a professor at UCLA and executive director of Mindsight Institute and David Rock, executive director of NeuroLeadership Institute recently created a concept called The Healthy Mind Platter.  Taking off on what makes for a healthy, balanced, plate of food, The Healthy Mind Platter has  seven essential mental activities necessary for optimum [...]

Finding the Power of Your Own Energy

Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona is known for its luxury spa treatments, exciting rope challenges, and experiences with the horses at the nearby Purple Sage Ranch. What’s great about most of the challenges and the Equine Experience is that they are all included with your ample overall cost for the stay. Although the spa treatments [...]

How are you staying small by not getting the support you need?

Having the mindset that you want to be totally in control of what is going on in your life can limit your possibilities. It's difficult to take on bigger, more challenging projects when you feel you must handle all the responsibilities yourself. Are there things that you would like to have happen in your life, [...]

Deciding and showing up is the biggest challenge:Taking On the Rope Challenge Course at Miraval

Have you ever decided to go ahead with something because you knew you really wanted the experience and yet wandered if it would be something that you really could accomplish? I felt that way when I signed my name on the  list for "Swing and a Prayer", a challenge of swinging in a harness from [...]

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