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Celebrating My Book Proposal: Brain Health for Boomers

    Who would have thought that entering a writing contest for a book proposal would bring up my entire life for review???  I certainly didn't expect to have the array of emotions come forward for me. When I first read about the contest, I didn't feel called to enter. Then it came to me [...]

What’s New with Alzheimer’s in the Family?

Our June monthly free telephone support call is June 14, 2010. This is actually Flag Day in the United States! Our call is at 8:30 pm Eastern time. Fun to be interviewed today by Life Coach Karin Lingerfelt about what is going on with Alzheimer’s in the Family!

Fathers' Day!

Fathers’ Day! What a wonderful day for you to recognize your father and any special fathers in your life! Make it a special day for these men who often don’t take time for themselves. Celebrating Fathers’ Day in my life now means acknowledging family members who are fathers and cherishing fond memories of my own [...]

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