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PIYO and The King’s Speech

PIYO was a new challenge for me this morning! It’s a combination of yoga and pilates. INTENSE! I did what I could and know it challenged my body – both muscularly and cardiovascularly…..NEW WORD! After taking a convoluted route to Costco to stock up on my greens, I stopped at the library to pick up [...]

Is Clutter Blocking Your Business Success | Technology Can Help

GUEST POST from Cynthia Charleen Technology does not have to be complicated and can help control the clutter that is a barrier to your business success.  Do you ever write down information such as telephone numbers or notes about a task that you need to do? I know I have and it often causes frustration [...]

Stop Counting the Gray and Start Counting the Green!

Leader and Strategic Thinker Shelly Lisoskie is my guest on The Ageless Woman Program Wednesday! In order for women to not lose sight of their purpose as they move through their 40′s and beyond, they have to know what their purpose is. In this interview with Shelly Lisoskie you can expect to discover how to: [...]

Audio: Emotional Effects of Loss-Elizabeth Hallett

Wonderful conversation with Elizabeth Hallett this week! This week’s show featured Elder Care Specialist, Elizabeth Hallett: The Emotional Effects of Loss. When we have a loved one who has developed Alzheimer’s Disease, there are difficult adjustments to make as we see the person we knew disappearing. Learning to accept this different person who is experiencing [...]

Centering Sounds of Water

Click to hear my audio message by the waterfall! What helps you to stay centered and to feel peaceful? Water sounds are my favorite. That is why I decided to do the audio boo recording by the waterfall in the prayer garden at Unity Church of Phoenix. Sunday service at Unity of Phoenix was an [...]

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