Celebrating My Book Proposal: Brain Health for Boomers

By Suzanne Holman • August 5th, 2011



Who would have thought that entering a writing contest for a book proposal would bring up my entire life for review???  I certainly didn't expect to have the array of emotions come forward for me.

When I first read about the contest, I didn't feel called to enter.

Then it came to me that this was a valuable structure for me to follow to move me along to writing my first official book.

I was preoccupied with house renovations and preparing for my first solo long distance trip from AZ to WA and thought I'd get into the writing once I got settled.

Once I arrived, it took me quite a while to settle in to my place. Then I needed to move into one daughter's house to pet sit and then after a week moved into my other daughter's house when they went on vacation.  

I did buckle down and worked on the project.  It was much more work than I anticipated it would be. I found myself questioning everything I was doing in my writing and in my business, feeling discouraged and with little drive to write.  

Using some of my strategies for getting centered and allowing the negative feelings to be there, notice them, and then let them float away, I was able to get very focused and devoted many hours to my writing.

I did complete the proposal and gingerly pressed the send key. 

I feel empowered that I could focus and complete.
There were 600 who signed up to be eligible to enter a proposal…..don't know how many entered over 200 but don't know final count.

After the contest entry date passed, Christine had a celebration call for all who had entered the contest.
Hearing one person after another share how they too had had a transformational experience just from completing the proposal was so inspiring!

Christine herself was overwhelmed with the depth of the experiences that entrants had during the process.

In about six weeks we'll know who won one of the two book contracts and the many other author-related prizes.

It is amazing how being part of a large group of inspired authors can move us all forward toward completing our writing!


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