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By Suzanne Holman • July 5th, 2010

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Elizabeth Hallett, Elder Care Specialist

Elizabeth Hallett, Elder Care Specialist

This week’s show features Elder Care Specialist,  Elizabeth Hallett:  The Emotional Effects of Loss.

When we have a loved one who has developed Alzheimer’s Disease, there are difficult adjustments to make as we see the person we knew disappearing.

Learning to accept this different person who is experiencing Alzheimer’s effects can be a challenging process.

Expect to learn on this call what spiritual pain is and how to diagnose that in the Alzheimer’s patient as well as in you, the family member.

Elizabeth Hallett is a Family Care Consultant, Elder Care Specialist and Certified Lay Chaplain who provides caregiver support and advocacy in a gentle and supportive way.   She believes in making smart choices ahead of time to avoid crisis whenever possible. She works with caregivers and care receivers alike.  Her focus is on:

  • Recognizing change and how to move through it
  • Creating Plan B in advance!
  • Placement assistance
  • Spiritual care and addressing emotional pain
  • End of life support
  • Family mediation.

Her passion is working with family caregivers as they juggle their own busy lives with that of a loved one dealing with eldercare issues or memory loss.

As the former Director of the Ashland Community Hospital (ACH) Memory Care Center, she is sensitive to family dynamics and is an experienced family educator  for Alzheimer’s-type dementias, stroke and Parkinson’s.

She now coordinates Memory Works, a community nonprofit, and a bi-monthly support group in Ashland, Oregon. Private consultations take place through teleconferencing or in person. Her website is at www.ElizabethHallet.com

Elizabeth says:

“The work I do is family-centered and based on my experiences helping families with senior care issues over the last ten years. This work is an honor and a spiritual calling for me.”


The Ageless Woman Radio Show topics generally focus on issues of concern to boomer women.

With Alzheimer’s Disease becoming more and more common, there are many women who are faced with the responsibility of managing the care of their parents. Many of the shows deal with ways of coping with this situation. Other shows educate the listeners on new brain research and ways that we can take better care of our body and brains.

Another concern for boomer women is taking time to continue to pursue their own interests-whether that is a business or some other personal passion. It is easy to put the needs of everyone else first and just forget about what is important to you as an individual.





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