How are you staying small by not getting the support you need?

By Suzanne Holman • April 11th, 2011

Having the mindset that you want to be totally in control of what is going on in your life can limit your possibilities.
It's difficult to take on bigger, more challenging projects when you feel you must handle all the responsibilities yourself.

Are there things that you would like to have happen in your life, but you just don't feel that you're up to doing what is needed to make them happen?

You just never know how great your life could be if you were willing to allow yourself to be supported.
How can being open to support change your life?

Let's look at a few examples of how you may be staying small.
Traveling to the same old places rather than going somewhere new
How about exploring travel sites and reading about others' experiences going to particular locations?  With the internet pulling our world together, we have that opportunity to reach out to people everywhere to get information. 

Or join a group that is traveling somewhere.  Elder Hostel is an organization that brings together boomers and beyond to explore and learn about the world.  Other tour companies are also supportive in bringing a group together so no one feels alone on a trip.  You get educated prior to trips and are supported throughout.

Isn't this an amazing photo of Kate, a yoga instructor, showing her skills during her swing?

Allowing yourself to get overwhelmed and off purpose by trying to meet all the needs of family
So often a family member takes on all the responsibility of an aging parent even though there are other siblings.  Ask for what you need from others in the family so that you still have time to take care of your own needs.  Find out services that you could hire that could support you in running your home so that you can still have the energy to do what fuels your soul.

Avoiding new activities because you're just not sure you can do them well
It's amazing how we can sometimes think we should be able to do things perfectly when we have never done them before.  Allow others with experience to guide you.  This is fulfilling for them to be able to mentor you as well as very comforting to you as you try out something new.

My recent experience with the "Swing and a Prayer" rope challenge activity at Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona was a wonderful life lesson for me!
I signed up for the activity with a little anxiety not knowing exactly what it would be like.  Rather than playing small and choosing not to participate, I was open to learning about the process needed to swing in a harness 35 feet in the air.  We had an expert guide who talked us through the entire process.  Not only did I see the physical supporting elements for the challenge, but I also felt supported and reassured by the pre-adventure discussion.

Letting go of the rope and swinging forcefully out 35 feet off the ground was a wonderful accomplishment for me.  I could really feel the similarity to how I have been keeping my business small because I haven't had enough quality support.  Just a couple of months ago I hired an assistant and I can see it making all the difference in how much I want to take on in my business.  I feel supported and knowing that it is not up to me to take care of every detail frees me up to think bigger and more creatively.  No longer staying small.

So have you become aware of an area where you are playing small in your life?
What small step can you take today to get some support in living just a little larger?


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