Mother’s Day Myriad of Emotions

By Suzanne Holman • May 7th, 2011

As we approach Mother’s Day, what thoughts and feelings are coming up for you?

Mother’s Day is one that is full of emotions for me.

Son David

I became a mother on Mother’s Day.  That was exciting to wake up in labor…I was overdue and sad that I wouldn’t be a mother in time.  The night before I had an incredible craving for fresh strawberry pie and my husband made a trip to the local Elby’s to get me a piece. Unfortunately, that took the gas level in the car to a low level so a stop at the gas station was part of the anxious ride to the hospital Mother’s Day morning.

Nurses gave all of us a carnation and it felt really special to become a mother on that special day.
What is even more fascinating is that my mother also became a mother on Mother’s Day when my sister was born!

Suzanne, Pat, and Mom

Suzanne, Pat, and Mom in 2006

AND, this is the second year for me to be without Mom on Mother’s Day.  After four years in an Alzheimer’s Care Center, Mom passed away November, 2009.  She had a fabulous life that vanished as Alzheimer’s took away her mind and zest for life.

AND grandchildren…another emotion of joy that came about as our children become parents!
I’m blessed to have four grandsons and a granddaughter.  I never could understand how grandparents could be so “obnoxious” about boasting about their grandchildren until I had my own.  There’s an indescribable feeling that I had when my children had children of their own.

Sending you my best – and warm wishes for your observance of Mother’s Day – a day that can be full of a myriad of emotions.

What will Mother’s Day be for you?


Wow! You have Lots to Celebrate, Suzanne!
I’m sorry for your loss, I can’t imagine how you must feel. Gladly you are the Recipient of Mothers Day Love. I hope you had a Wonder-Filled Day.


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