Nelson Dellis, USA Memory Champion!

By Suzanne Holman • March 16th, 2011

Not only does this twenty-six-year-old graduate student at the University of Miami have a fabulous memory due to lots of effort in developing it, he is training to climb Mt Everest next year.

Nelson Dellis's  grandmother died of Alzheimer's disease and the climb up
Mt. Everest will earn money for research to help find a cure for this widespread disease.


He also broke the record for number memorization, remembering the first hundred and seventy-eight digits of a randomly generated five-hundred-digit number, with just five minutes to study it.

Dellis uses memorization techniques giving cards and numbers associations he can visualize—the name of a famous person, an action, an object.  

One of the tasks was to memorize playing cards in order and be able to remember that order.  There are a number of different brain exercises where we can use ordinary playing cards.  You can sort them by suits or numbers and work at increasing your speed.  Just doing the memorization as Dellis did is a great exercise for your brain.  The associations you create in order to recall certain cards form new neuropathways in your brain.

In this photo, he is doing the competetition in Names and Faces—ninety-nine names to memorize in fifteen minutes.



Amazing what this man is able to do. I like the idea of playing games to increase brain function. Thanks for sharing this article.


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