Perseverance – Just one more step can make the difference!

By Suzanne Holman • June 24th, 2010

I just read a great little post from MaryPat Kavanagh,

Failure and Perseverance

This month I’m participating in a blog challenge with her along with the Blog30 challenge with Jeanette Cates.

I’m loving the movement I’ve had in my writing.  Getting in the flow on a daily basis is really quite fun and inspiring!

Reading others’ posts in the challenges has connected me with some great people!

I commented on her blog this morning because I so related to her message:

MaryPat, I love this post…
SO true…
Just getting up one more time can make all the difference.

Several years ago  my coach suggested I asked several people close to me what they saw as my top qualities. What they told me was that perseverance is a strong asset of mine.

This year my perseverance was running very low…. lots of transition for me with my mom’s journey with Alzheimer’s the last several years and her passing away in November  -  reexamining my values and purpose.

After stepping back and giving myself a chance to breathe, rest, and work at a pace of flow rather than push….

I am feeling some real strength in my steps and feel more inspired, productive, and joyous than I have in years!

I’m loving the 30-day Blog Challenge.
I feel the energy of all who are participating!
Thank you for the opportunity, MaryPat


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